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Himanshu MehrotraVice President of Product Management, FourKites

Real-Time Visibility Implementation Lessons from Bayer & Clearwater Paper

The proverbial finish line in your hunt for a provider is an astoundingly rewarding experience and usually signals the end of a lot of internal stakeholders’ involvement in the project. But for others, the hard work is only beginning.

Where I’ve seen organizations fail is by letting off the gas too soon after the ink dries on a contract. The idea that technology solutions can be set-it-and-forget-it is a dangerous one and can really hinder a company’s ability to maximize its return on investment. The fact is, the degree to which a solution can generate value depends on you, the company, to trust and act on the investment and not fall back on old habits.

One of the most successful cases of change management I’ve seen was with Bayer and Clearwater Paper when they implemented FourKites. Importantly, FourKites was positioned as a key part of their overall strategy. They recognized the need to have sweeping, habit-changing initiatives to ensure their success.

So the question is: are you purchasing a product, or are you investing in change for your business?

Decommoditize Your Investment With Your People

It’s easy for your team to view an investment as an “easy button,” a magical application that can be turned on and things just start happening. The fact is, there’s a correlation between the size of the problem your company is facing and the amount of effort your company needs to put into bringing a solution to light.

As mentioned before, Bayer is a shipper within our network that truly embodies the idea of change management within their organization. They understand that a technology investment, like FourKites, enables an outcome. In this case, it can systematically surface insights to their operators so they can better manage their supply chain with visibility. But to get there, they had to forge the path. This required habitual changes, including using the platform and trusting the insights to execute change through their workflows.

Bayer’s Global Head of Distribution Excellence, Johnny Ivanyi, details how his company handled change management to get the most out of their investments:

Investments of This Magnitude Shouldn’t Be Siloed

As you reflect on your supply chain’s role in both your company’s successes and failures over the past years, think about the new stakeholders that now care about its viability and performance. Who is knocking on your door wondering where an order is?

Before the pandemic, supply chains operated on an island in some organizations, represented by a line item on a balance sheet or a responsibility tucked away under an operating officer. Today, however, supply chain discussions have penetrated the boardroom and the airwaves, bringing new attention to their importance in each business’ strategy.

A shipper that recognized the importance of enabling internal stakeholders with supply chain data was Clearwater Paper:


Consider how you can use your supply chain data to better serve internal and external stakeholders, unlocking additional ROI in the process. Can sales be more responsive to customer orders? Can customer service help manage customer expectations? Can inventory teams know which orders are at risk for fulfillment? Expanding the utility of a tech investment can help it pay greater dividends.

You Need A Collaborative Solutions Provider, Not A Software Retailer

From day one of discovery all the way through ongoing business reviews and forward-looking strategy, who you align with can be the difference between a failed IT investment and a new way of doing business. Look for a provider who is focused on delivering long-term value that can help train your teams on best practices with the tools you invest in and can work with your executive leadership to channel business strategy into tactical initiatives.

There’s a reason why FourKites is the leading choice for complex supply chains. While customers appreciate our unified platform, exclusive data connections, and dedication to customer co-innovation, we consistently hear how our dedication to the success of their investment made all the difference.

Don’t let implementation projects and a path to ROI overwhelm you. Partner with a provider who can help you every step of the way and maximize your return on investment.

We’re always ready to give free consultations or discuss your specific challenges. To find out more, get in touch with your representative or contact us at [email protected]

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