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How to Reduce Spend in the Yard

As cost gets scrutinized across your operations, be certain your facilities aren’t adding extra weight to your budget. Harness FourKites technology to keep pulse of your yard, identifying opportunities to drive efficiencies and reduce costs through full visibility to underlying operations.

Reduce Spend in the Yard

Eliminate Detention Spend

Help your carrier network regain access to their capacity and reduce costs associated with holding onto equipment for too long. Dynamic Yard tracks each individual asset as it enters the yard against carrier contracts to help you avoid costs before they occur.

Avoid Dock Worker Overtime

The ripple effect of inefficient work can cut deep into supply chain budgets. Keep workers in-the-know of the state of your supply chain with real-time updates, prescriptive task management and worker-level efficiency reporting to drive productivity forward.

Reduce Spend in the Yard
Reduce Spend in the Yard

Single Pane of Glass & Reporting

Standardize each data stream impacting your yard for a complete 360 degree view of cost. Dynamic and customizable reporting allows you to deliver the right data at the right time to key individuals to monitor operations and avoid surprises.

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5 Ways Yard Management Systems are Generating 3X ROI

You’re looking at the wrong part of your supply chain for savings.

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Reduce Spend in the Yard
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