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From the July 16, 2018 article in Inbound Logistics titled, “Pork Processor Brings Home the Bacon”:

“At one level, our software integrates with the shipper’s transportation management system to get information on a shipment and its transportation,” explains Priya Rajagopalan, chief product officer at FourKites. “At another level, it then integrates with thousands of carrier systems to identify which truck is assigned to which load. Then we track the truck in real time, providing full visibility.”

By integrating with all major GPS vendors, the software receives real-time location updates. Among other things, this information lets users update customers on shipment arrival times. This, in turn, helps those customers be ready to receive at the designated time or accommodate a delay.

Consolidating all transportation information in the FourKites system allowed Smithfield to boost its on-time delivery rate from 87 to 94 percent. It also helped improve warehouse and dock operations.

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