Unlock Massive Savings with FourKites’ Two-Way Reefer Control

Access the data you need to instantly make decisions around product quality and automate time-consuming yard checks, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars per site annually! FourKites allows users to remotely monitor and control select Thermo King and Carrier Transicold reefer units to ensure product quality, eliminate hours of manual yard check labor and significantly reduce fuel spend.

How It Works:

  • Continuously monitor reefer temperatures in real-time and receive alerts for any temperature deviations in transit or in the yard.
  • Provide your quality assurance team with extensive temperature data throughout a shipment’s journey for audits and avoid costly investigations, unnecessary quality holds, and dispositions.
  • Remotely monitor fuel levels against set points and create optimized refueling schedules.
  • Adjust set points, pre-cool reefers and turn them off once unloaded in just a few clicks from the FourKites platform.

How Much Can You Save With Two-Way Reefer Control Per Site?

Calculate Your Labor and Fuel Savings

Average number of reefers at your site
Number of reefer yard checks per day
Minutes per trailer for yard check and reefer pre-cooling
Percentage of trailers left running when not needed (failed to be turned off)
Average number of hours per day spent refueling reefers
Average loaded cost per hour for labor to conduct temp checks, turn on/off a reefer, and check/refuel the reefers

Calculation Assumptions:
Diesel fuel cost as of 10/20/23: $4.44 per gallon (Source: TCI Capital)
Gallons used per hour: 0.75 (Source: FreightWaves)

Total estimated # of hours used for yard checks per year:3,650
Total estimated hours spent per year refueling trailers unnecessarily:36.5
Estimated metric tons of CO2 eliminated:15.36
Estimated Annual Operational Savings
Yard check labor savings:$ 116,800
Refueling labor savings:$ 1,168
Fuel savings:$ 6,077
Total Estimated Labor and Fuel Savings:$ 127,855

Unlock Even More Savings

Operational savings are great, but that’s just part of the picture. Access our Quality Savings Calculator to assess how much you can save by eliminating unnecessary quality investigations and avoidable product spoilage!