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A series of three webinars exploring how some of the world’s most successful brands are leveraging new technology to enable end-to-end multimodal visibility and create a more autonomous and intelligent supply network.

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The Smart Data Revolution: Practical Applications for Supply Chain Optimization

While a fully autonomous supply chain is far off for many businesses, leveraging AI and ML to automate manual tasks and deliver strategic insight is a practical solution, easily accessible to most large shippers today. Discover how supply chain data can be harnessed to improve service and productivity in transportation.

Explore Real-Time Visibility

Andreea CalinAnheuser-Busch InBev
Priya Rajagopalan - Chief Product Officer
Priya RajagopalanFourKites
Vivek Vaid - CTO
Vivek VaidFourKites
Sarah Barnes-HumphreyLet's Talk Supply Chain

Smoother Seas Ahead: Leveraging Automation to Simplify Global Shipping

The complexities of international shipping are harder to manage than ever, with manual processes being a primary challenge. Bringing automation into freight management processes can help global shippers optimize operations, increase visibility and reduce costs. Learn how automation is redefining end-to-end management for international ocean shipments.

Explore Dynamic Ocean

Photo of Matt Elenjickal
Mathew ElenjickalFourKites
Brad KlausFourKites
Sarah Barnes-HumphreyLet's Talk Supply Chain

Bridging the Yard Data Gap: Where Supply Chain Visibility Has Never Gone Before

From autonomous vehicles to 5G technology and Internet of Things, the newest technologies leverage big data and connect the supply chain ecosystem to drive the end goal of efficiency and responsiveness through automation.

Explore Dynamic Yard

Dan TramVolvo Group Venture Capital
Carlos KokronQualcomm Ventures
Kent LandryZebra Technologies, Inc.
Chris BrumettFourKites
Sarah Barnes-HumphreyLet's Talk Supply Chain