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Visibility 2020 On-Demand

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CEO Keynote

FourKites Founder & CEO Matt Elenjickal shares his bold vision for the future of supply chain visibility. Reflecting on growth in the FourKites platform and global network over the past year, Matt discusses how end-to-end visibility is driving the evolution of agile supply chains — and how FourKites customers are driving the evolution of visibility.


Photo of Matt Elenjickal

Matt Elenjickal



Gartner Insights: The ROI of RTTVPs

From procurement to customer service, real-time transportation visibility can deliver tangible ROI across every stage of the supply chain. Hear from one of Gartner’s leading analysts on the value of real-time transportation visibility, and discover how visibility plays a central role creating a mature, agile supply chain.


Bart De Muynck



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