Visibility 2020 On-Demand

Featured Presenters

CEO Keynote

FourKites Founder & CEO Matt Elenjickal shares his bold vision for the future of supply chain visibility. Reflecting on growth in the FourKites platform and global network over the past year, Matt discusses how end-to-end visibility is driving the evolution of agile supply chains — and how FourKites customers are driving the evolution of visibility.


Photo of Matt Elenjickal

Matt Elenjickal



Gartner Insights: The ROI of RTTVPs

From procurement to customer service, real-time transportation visibility can deliver tangible ROI across every stage of the supply chain. Hear from one of Gartner’s leading analysts on the value of real-time transportation visibility, and discover how visibility plays a central role creating a mature, agile supply chain.


Bart De Muynck



Product Vision & Roadmap

Don’t miss this session packed full of exciting announcements regarding the FourKites product roadmap and inspiring accounts of the collaborative success FourKites customers have realized this year.


Priya Rajagopalan - Chief Product Officer

Priya Rajagopalan



Lean Operations with Purchase Order Visibility

Customers asked, we delivered. See how the most-requested platform feature of 2019 was brought to life through collaboration between Meijer and the FourKites product team, and discover how Meijer is leveraging that functionality today. Purchase order visibility connects teams across the supply chain — from procurement/materials management, logistics teams and merchandisers — with the real-time data they need to optimize systems at a product level.


Paul Thompson


Abhi Venkataraman


Sydney Bordenkircher



Visibility Amid A Crisis

Real-time visibility is quickly becoming a vital tool for all businesses to manage their supply chains. But when a shipper of essential goods is faced with a global crisis, supply chain visibility is critical. In this session you’ll hear how 3M leveraged FourKites to deliver for its customers when it mattered most.


Kaitlyn DeSpiegler


Rashmi Vadnagare



Achieving End-to-End Visibility Across Air, Ocean and Rail with Bayer & KCC

True end-to-end supply chain visibility, unhindered by blind spots or bottlenecks, is attainable if you have the right tools and partners. Hear about the process from two of FourKites’ most innovative customers. Kimberly-Clark Corporation will dive into its strategies for effectively scaling an ocean and rail visibility solution across its organization, and Bayer will share how it improved visibility and collaboration with freight forwarders on air shipments.


Bryan Kennedy

Kimberly Clark

Jon Mosher


Karthick Natarajan


Ashley Lloyd



Dynamic Yard

Learn about Dynamic Yard, the first yard management platform that gives enterprises the ability to proactively manage all of their facilities based on real-time in-transit and in-yard freight data and analytics.


Michele Casertano



Improving CX on a Global Scale: Dow’s Formula for Success

Dow is committed to delivering superior customer experience, and maintaining that standard consistently across its global operations. With help from FourKites, Dow has created a scalable visibility program for its teams across North America, LatAm and EMEA. In this session you’ll learn from Dow’s experience in planning, implementing, and onboarding a global visibility strategy.


Preston Bruessow

The Dow Chemical Company

Jessica Theisen



Organizational Structure & Internal Alignment

Learn from one of the world’s most iconic brands how to maximize the value of supply chain visibility through strategic organizational structure and internal alignment. In this session, Gap, Inc. will share its tips for gaining buy-in from leadership, aligning cross-functional teams, selecting what KPIs to measure and much more.


Donna Nelson

Gap, Inc.


Next Level Customer Communication

How do you take an award-winning customer communication and visibility program to the next level? Hear from C&S Wholesale Grocers, winner of the 2019 FourKites Golden Kite award, on how the organization has further increased its tracking accuracy by over 22% in just 5 months through rigorous data quality initiatives. In this session, you’ll learn about the many ways C&S collaborated with its carriers, internal tech teams and FourKites to maximize the reliability of Delivery Alerts for its customers.


Joanne Mercier

C&S Wholesale Grocers


Navigating the FourKites Journey: Change Management Lessons from Eastman Chemical

As Eastman continues accelerating its innovation-driven growth strategy, the company’s global supply chain is focused on creating a differentiated customer experience while driving efficiency. Leveraging digitization as a critical piece of its network optimization efforts, hear more about the depth of Eastman’s collaboration with FourKites to gain better shipment visibility across all modes of transportation and to enable global solutions.


Tom Morton

Eastman Chemical


Golden Kite Award Ceremony