State of the European Supply Chain

Logistics, Sustainability and Visibility Report 2022

As our modern supply chains continue to grow in complexity and interdependencies, so, too, has our need for supply chain visibility. COVID-19 only exacerbated this need as both disruptions and consumer demands continue to mount.

State of the European Supply Chain: Logistics, Sustainability and Visibility Report 2022 represents a broad perspective from hundreds of industry executives across Europe. Findings reveal the concerns surrounding current supply chain challenges, the role of real-time visibility and how to address growing sustainability concerns.

The report, conducted by Reuters in partnership with FourKites, focuses on retailers and manufacturers from the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. It includes insights of executives from Bayer and Novartis. Key findings in the report:

  • 65% of retailers and manufacturers stated that carrier relationships was their biggest transportation pain point
  • 49% say “Improving Customer Service” is their top motivation for enhancing transportation visibility
  • 39% say “Reducing Carbon Emissions in Transportation” is their key supply chain sustainability goal

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