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Optimize Time to Recovery & Boost Manufacturing Supply Chain Resilience

Many supply chain leaders have yet to discover that optimizing ‘time to recovery’ can have remarkable benefits downstream – from increased profitability, to happier customers and greater resiliency.

Simply put, time to recovery is a measure of how long it takes your supply chain to return to normal after a disruption. For manufacturers, even an hour of downtime can have significant financial ramifications. The ability to quickly get production back on track can make or break your profitability, and your company’s reputation.

Supply chain visibility data is a crucial component of the dataset needed to analyze and optimize your time to recovery. Download this eBook to learn:

  • Why time to recovery is an often-overlooked metric that can drive agility and resilience
  • How to reduce the impact of the next supply chain disruption with predictive analytics
  • Three digital strategies to capture, curate and contextualize your supply chain data and drive actionable insights

Meet the Expert

Todd Simms

Todd Simms

Vice President, Industry Strategy, Manufacturing, FourKites

Todd is a 20-year veteran of manufacturing supply chains, having held senior roles at Gartner and Georgia-Pacific/BlueLinx Corporation. Throughout this guide, he shares his top tips for unlocking value in your supply chain data and using it to make data-driven strategic decisions.

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