The Trends Shaping Manufacturing Supply Chains in 2024

Brand new FourKites data sheds light on Manufacturing’s geographical shift and changes in consumer habits.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Trends Ebook

Manufacturers are battling uncertainty. The sting of high inflation, the unpredictability of consumer demand and the complexity of changing global operations are driving more questions than answers.

In times of uncertainty like these, the best guide is to analyze historical trends to project future outcomes, helping us all make better decisions. To that end, FourKites analyzed proprietary data from over 1,500 global shippers to reveal the three biggest trends shaping manufacturing supply chains and how they impact your supply chain operations.

Download the report to examine the latest data and learn:
  • How is shifting consumer behavior impacting manufacturers?
  • Are reshoring strategies impacting international load volumes?
  • Are high inflation and fears of recession fading?

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