How to Tame Demurrage and Detention with Real-Time Visibility

Surprising Ways Visibility Can Reduce D&D Fees

The detention and demurrage fees imposed on ocean shippers have gotten so bad that The White House has stepped in to investigate. But legislative action or shifts in market dynamics won’t help the skyrocketing costs you’re grappling with today (if they help at all).

You need solutions; preferably ones that deliver fast ROI and don’t create new headaches for you or your team.

Join Ocean and Visibility experts Chris Stauber and Shana Wray as they share:

  • The surprising ways shippers are using supply chain visibility to prevent costly D&D fees while keeping their international supply chains moving
  • A quick product demo of how FourKites helps you track your containers from port to yard and control D&D fees.


Chris Stauber


Chris Stauber

Shana Wray


Shana Wray
Principal Solution Consultant, FourKites

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