Food Shippers Supply Chain Visibility Report

Actionable insights from surveying more than 100 global supply chain professionals in the industry

Food Shippers of America (FSA) recently teamed up with FourKites to survey global supply chain professionals in the food and grocery industry to define significant challenges and gain actionable insights on how to achieve maximum end-to-end food chain visibility.

This visibility ultimately enables food shippers to automate manual processes and provides information they need to make proactive decisions about their food chain operations – improving efficiency and delighting their customers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What were the biggest disruptions to operations in the past three years? – and how to solve them.
  • The real impact product shortages, labor challenges, and economic conditions are having on food chains.
  • New trends in grocery e-commerce, SKU rationalization, and what customer loyalty looks like post-pandemic.
  • The impact inflation and geopolitics will have on food chains in the short-term.
  • How real-time visibility can drive real value for food chains facing today’s challenges.