How Kimberly Clark, Bayer, and IFP are Leveraging End-To-End Visibility to Eliminate Multimodal Shipping Challenges

Multimodal shipping is known to be an efficient mode of international transport, however shippers that leverage it are often plagued with blind spots, costly fees and delays due to disruption or lack of visibility into the individual legs of the journey.

In a world of unprecedented disruption and skyrocketing costs, end-to-end visibility allows global shippers to connect the dots for every leg of their multimodal journey.

Download this playbook for real-life examples of how Kimberly Clark, Bayer, and International Forest Products are leveraging end-to-end visibility to eliminate three major multimodal challenges:

  • Lack of visibility leading to bad customer experience
  • High fees and delays due to disruption
  • Disjointed multimodal tracking and transfers

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