5 Bad Habits Manufacturing Supply Chains Should Ditch in 2024

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In the rush to overcome the challenges of the past few years, manufacturers were forced to get creative quickly in order to survive. While this kept supply chains moving, many picked up a few bad habits along the way.

It’s vital that organizations like yours don’t fall back into those old habits — habits that can leave you unprepared for the future, and slow your operations today.

This guide will walk you through five bad habits your teams could be clinging to, and how adjusting behaviors and processes could be your key to growth, improved revenue and reduced operating costs.

Access the guide now and learn why you should ditch these bad habits:
  • #1  Avoiding automation
  • #2  Working in silos
  • #3  Relying solely on shipment visibility
  • #4  Making decisions based on assumptions
  • #5  Taking a reactive approach to disruption
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