FourKites enables a unified supply chain view for pharmaceutical companies


A Single Supply Chain View Helps Pharma See All

The pharmaceutical industry logistics channel is plagued with conflicting priorities, leaving supply chain systems without a way to see the whole picture in one place. FourKites visibility platform adds a single window into the supply chain and creates a unified view for multiple supply chain systems. Adhere to government regulations with FourKites’ soon-to-be-released temperature tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor temperature readings and compliance data across the supply chain. FourKites brings new technology that gives the pharmaceutical industry a single window into the supply chain, empowering you to manage exceptions, proactively handle personnel and dock scheduling, and effortlessly coordinate inventory movement and delivery windows.

  • See a unified view of multiple supply chain systems including TMS, ELD/GPS, Dispatch, and Telematic systems.
  • Drive exception management, allowing proactive issue resolution.
  • Modernize out-of-date infrastructure for improved processes and customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline communication and collaboration from manufacturing to end-customer delivery.

Unified Visibility Across Multiple Systems


  • “FourKites has effectively differentiated itself from competitors by moving from ‘dots on a map’ to a fully actionable supply chain visibility solution. FourKites fills the blind spots in freight visibility, and provides orchestration tools that put the company miles ahead of its competition.”

    - Silpa Paul – Frost & Sullivan
  • “We are very excited to announce the integration of the FourKites shipment tracking services. The service adds a new option to the existing methods currently available to MercuryGate clients to obtain the reliable status of their shipments down to the SKU level.”

    - Monica Wooden – MercuryGate
  • “FourKites has helped us improve the visibility of the freight we manage on our dedicated assets and with carrier partners and provide the real-time estimated time of arrival information our customers need.”

    - Marty Wadle – Ruan Transportation Management Systems
  • “Freight visibility and true, actionable visibility has long been a priority for us. We chose FourKites because they’ve proven to provide the breadth and depth of capabilities that give us a ‘control tower’ view we need for our customers and our business.”

    - Jeff Kanterman – NFI
  • “After carefully evaluating many freight visibility platforms, it became abundantly clear that FourKites provides the most robust capabilities for Ryder’s NaviShare solution. FourKites has emerged as the leader in real-time freight visibility that will ultimately help our customers lower costs and improve supply chain efficiencies.”

    - Gary R. Allen – Ryder
  • “Utilizing FourKites’ ability to provide real-time, continuous location tracking, predictive analytics, interactive mapping and other features will allow JDA to continue to deliver unmatched transportation planning and execution capabilities for our customers.”

    - Fabrizio Brasca – JDA