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FourKites gives carriers the resources to drive greater supply chain visibility, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. As the industry’s leading visibility platform, we work with more of the world’s largest shippers and 3PLs than any other provider, helping them better understand when their shipments will arrive at ports, plants and stores — and how they can get there more efficiently.

How does FourKites Track Shipments?

Once ready for shipment, your customers send key operational data for planned loads to FourKites, either directly or through their TMS.

How FourKites helps carriers

Constant carrier-focused innovation

We’re always looking for opportunities to improve the experience for our carrier partners — whether that’s through new workflows or innovative solutions. Our CarrierLink app is used by hundreds of thousands of drivers, and we regularly add new features to ensure that drivers get the information they want, and that you get the visibility you need.

Simple, straightforward integrations

Our platform seamlessly integrates with legacy ERP and dispatch systems, so you spend less time onboarding and more time getting the most from your transportation solutions.

Join the largest supply chain network

When you partner with FourKites, you tap into our unparalleled data repository. Thanks to powerful machine learning, you’ll gaining access to unprecedented insights and the most accurate predictive ETAs in the industry.

Get the service you and your customers deserve

With instant access to millions of GPS-connected devices, FourKites always has the answers you need to keep your business moving forward.

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See how FourKites is partnering with carriers to drive collaboration and innovation with real-time visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain networks they operate within.

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