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Mary HeiserDirector, Industry & Product Marketing, FourKites

Labor management has always been hard for those in retail. Lately, it’s been even harder. The COVID-19 pandemic, record volumes of retail imports, retail workers quitting in record numbers, unpredictable demand fluctuations and new omnichannel business models have made it all the more challenging for retailers to create accurate labor forecasts and schedules.

Fortunately, real-time supply chain visibility can provide resilience and predictability to retail supply chains. For example, FourKites’ Dynamic ETAs are up to six times more accurate than the industry standard. By extending the power of real-time visibility to labor scheduling, retailers can lower labor costs by avoiding overtime pay and penalties for last-minute shift cancellations and provide an elevated customer experience. Moreover, they can maximize the on-shelf availability of inventory by ensuring that labor is available to unload trucks and stock shelves as soon as an incoming shipment arrives.

To unlock these opportunities, FourKites has partnered with Zebra to integrate the Reflexis platform with the FourKites platform – making it easy for ETA changes and task reassignments to be automatically communicated to the right people in real-time.

Read this blog post from Zebra to learn more.

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