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Paul HowardProduct Marketing Manager, FourKites

April 6-9 is the Transportation Intermediaries Association annual Capital Ideas Conference in San Diego. It is an excellent opportunity for members of the Broker/3PL industry to learn about innovation and collaboration in the supply chain industry, and how they can effectively deliver logistics services to the shipper and carrier community. FourKites is excited to both exhibit and sponsor this event with two learning lab sessions. Here are those sessions and what will be covered:

Think bigger – How visibility can make you more money

Thursday, April 7th, 4:15-4:45 pm Pacific

Forget the adage, “keep your eyes on the road.” It’s time to think bigger and redefine success in your supply chain. Capitalize on your partnerships, scale more easily and deliver true end-to-end solutions for your customers. The result? More top-line growth, greater operational savings and more money in your pocket. Learn how in this quick-hitting informational session from an industry executive.

Why dwell on detention? Stop wasting money and win more business

Friday, April 8th, 2:00-2:30 pm Pacific

Learn how to reduce costs and increase revenue using these 4 proven strategies. Real-time visibility can do more than simplify your tracking processes — it’s a critical tool to strengthen customer and carrier relationships and deliver efficiencies throughout your organization. Turn tracking into a competitive advantage and empower your team to increase value and broaden your reach with every deal.

These sessions highlight the growing importance of visibility for brokers and 3PLs. The industry is adopting the right technology solutions and processes to simplify, differentiate, and speed up growth. Our team attending the conference has invested countless hours into this field and seen volumes of unique customer stories that will provide insight into your business. Come learn about our partnership with DAT, the key trends in tracking, and discuss unique strategies to solve supply chain problems.

FourKites is committed to delivering innovative solutions to empower the entire supply chain community through real-time visibility. If you’re interested or planning to attend, come see us and hear more about what the future holds.

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