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Stephanie Kolaczynski - Chief Operating OfficerStephanie KolaczynskiChief Operating Officer, FourKites

I recently returned from Munich where FourKites held its first European summit, which brought together shippers, carriers and freight forwarders from 10 different countries. Reflecting on our time together, I am incredibly excited about the budding FourKites network developing in Europe.

Over the course of two days, 50 attendees swapped war stories and learned from each other about the latest in best practices related to supply chain visibility. Not only were the attendees able to make personal connections with peers, but they also benefited from a rich set of region-specific presentations from experts in the field. From the lifecycle of carrier engagement to effective strategies for operationalizing visibility, presentations provided insight into realizing value in attendees’ organizations.

We held a series of breakout sessions on a spectrum of topics, from implementing a visibility program, to goals and roadblocks in supply chain innovation, to FourKites’ roadmap for the region and our plans for increased investment. But it wasn’t all nose to the grindstone; we were also hosted by our customer AB InBev at Munich’s famed Spaten Brewery, a local landmark with roots dating back to the 14th century. It was an incredible evening that left us with valuable insights into a major international supply chain, great beer and the world’s best pretzels.


Summits such as this will be a regular occasion as FourKites continues to expand its presence across Europe (as well as in other regions around the world). If you’ve been watching this space, you might have seen our recent news about the appointment of Jochum Reuter as our new Vice President of European Operations, and the opening of our new European headquarters in Amsterdam. As the FourKites community continues to expand by leaps and bounds across the globe, we are thrilled to have more boots on the ground to support our customers with the local resources they need. 

Since entering the European market in 2017, we’ve onboarded hundreds of European carriers, offering full supply chain visibility coverage to customers across the continent. Visibility doesn’t exist without a strong ecosystem of partners working toward a common goal. In Europe, in addition to our customers, we’ve forged partnerships with more than 150 of the top European logistics service providers, and over 75 of the top telematics and TMS vendors. Europe is a diverse region that requires a local approach. To support that, we offer our platform and CarrierLink mobile app for drivers in 8 languages, and help content in 17 languages.


That’s extremely rapid growth in a relatively short period of time, but such is the demand for predictive supply chain visibility across the world. FourKites is focused on building a strong community of shippers and carriers who are committed to supply chain innovation and optimization. Much of the discussion amongst summit attendees focused on how having one common visibility platform changes conversations between shippers, carriers and freight forwarders. Rather than surprises and finger pointing, they work together from a common data source to address shared opportunities. FourKites facilitates these conversations, and I couldn’t be more excited to see our community bring them to life.

We are thrilled to continue developing partnerships across Europe. This summit was certainly the first of many upcoming events that will help us build a strong community in the region and continue redefining supply chain management for the benefit of all.

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