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Paul HowardProduct Marketing Manager, FourKites

More and more carriers are making the connection between better visibility data and greater success. It all comes down to something we say time and time again: You can’t fix what you can’t see. Without an accurate picture of where delays and inefficiencies are occurring, it’s hard to take actionable steps toward addressing those issues and, ultimately, providing better service to customers.

Visibility has become a key building block for operational excellence, especially for carriers and brokers. The companies who have been on FourKites’ Premier Carrier List (PCL) in the past recognize this better than anyone. By emphasizing visibility throughout their organizations, they both reap the benefits of improved efficiency, while opening the door to win more business as well. In fact, in the latest edition of the PCL, announced earlier this month, carriers who made the list saw an average of 13% annual load volume growth compared to the previous quarter!

Shippers and brokers now expect their carriers to provide consistent, accurate location updates, and leveraging the technology that allows them to do so only amplifies their value offering for every party involved.

Christopher Cada, Vice President of Operations and Strategic Accounts at KTL, Inc., put it well when he said, “We are excited to be among this select group of carriers who understand the importance of improved tracking and performance for the supply chain and transportation industries. Working with FourKites to provide real-time transportation visibility to our customers is a tremendous value-add for our team.”

Convoy and Others Continue their PCL Streak

As with many data-related investments, the value of real-time visibility technology only compounds over time. This quarter’s Premier Carrier List welcomes back some of the longest-tenured carriers on the list, including Convoy, which made it onto the Premier Carrier List for their ninth consecutive quarter this month.

“Being named to the FourKites Premier Carrier list for the 9th straight quarter is an honor for Convoy,” said Brooke McMahon, Vice President of Partnerships at Convoy. “This recognition demonstrates the importance of continuing to provide best-in-class visibility solutions to our mutual customers to help streamline their supply chain and provide data directly on the FourKites platform. We look forward to innovating alongside the FourKites team on supply chain visibility for many more quarters and years to come.”

Convoy is actively working to build the world’s most efficient and connected digital freight network. Being on the FourKites Premier Carrier List reflects the company’s ability to provide high-quality, consistent, accurate data on the vast majority of their loads — which in turn provides shipper customers and the broader supply chain ecosystem with data and insights to streamline operations, increase shipping dock turn times, reduce inventory levels and better manage labor costs.

Visibility Data Is Universal

With ever-growing emphasis on the importance of transparency across the supply chain, carriers across the globe — from Latin America, to Europe, to Australia and beyond — are speaking up about the value of being included on the Premier Carrier List.

“It’s always rewarding to be recognized for providing excellent service,” said Joni Timmermans, ICT-Supervisor at NinaTrans. “NinaTrans is honored to be included in the FourKites Premier Carrier List. It’s a pleasure to be recognized as one of the top performing carriers in Europe.”

AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, asks its transportation companies to feed location data into FourKites to track deliveries and predict arrival times more precisely. Plan2Transport is one of these companies in Western Europe, shipping 30,000 full truck loads per year throughout Germany and the Benelux just for AB InBev.

“Working with AB InBev’s FourKites platform allows us to offer a better service,” says Roy van der Heijden, business analyst at Int. transportbedrijf van der Heijden b.v., one of the shareholders in Plan2Transport. “FourKites makes it so easy for us to feed GPS data into AB InBev’s platform. And now thanks to being on the Premier Carrier List, we’re confident we’ll get even more business from customers who want excellent visibility into their supply chains.”

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As a rising tide lifts all boats, improved visibility technology for carriers, shippers and brokers improves the global logistics climate. FourKites is excited to partner with the carrier community in creating opportunities for growth. As the industry evolves and new expectations arise, we will be here to elevate our customers and partners, and provide better visibility into the future.

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